Thèse modélisation numérique, discrétisation des EDPs

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INRIA Sophia Antipolis et ANDRA Chatenay Malabry
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PhD Thesis Inria Sophia Antipolis/ANDRA
Scientific computing/Flows in porous media

The PhD is concerned with the simulation of mass and heat exchanges in
nuclear waste disposal. The problem couples Navier-Stokes like equation
describing air flows in the ventilation channel and Darcy's equations
describing water and gas flows in the porous media.
The first step of the PhD will be devoted to the study of the interface
conditions and the analysis of the coupled system of nonlinear PDEs
describing the flow.
It is likely that asymptotic arguments can be used to propose a relevant
reduction of the model.
Then, the heart of the matter
will be to design a complete simulation tool, with a suitable matching
of the numerical schemes at the interface.

Prerequisites: Background in applied math (PDEs and modern numerical
methods in fluid mechanics), skills in scientific computing.


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Mardi, 31. Juillet 2012