1st ESGI in Italy, free for Researchers & Students

Lundi, 29. Août 2016 à Vendredi, 2. Septembre 2016

A unique opportunity for Research to meet Industry.

Sportello Matematico per l’Industria Italiana,
   with the support of MI-Net COST Action,
      organizes the 124th European Study Group with Industry
         The event will take place in Rome from August 29th to September 2nd 2016.

European Study Groups with Industry are events with a well-established international tradition: enterprises and researchers in Applied Mathematics work and brainstorm together to solve real industrial problems.

A Study Group represents a great chance for researchers that allows to:

  • Work on cutting-edge industrial problems,
  • Find new connections with industrial partners,
  • Explore novel research lines.

The participation to the event is free for Researchers (whether Academics or not Academics). 

Funds are available to support accommodation costs for a limited number of participant.

All the information concerning the Programme of the week, the selected industrial problems, and the registration procedure are available on the event website 

www.sportellomatematico.it/ESGI2016 .

For any further information feel free to contact the organization team at esgi2016@sportellomatematico.it .